The Online Year so Far: One student’s perspective

Matthew Richardson, Staff Reporter

This Year, by far, has got to be one of the most difficult school years known not just to students, but teachers as well. The fear of Covid-19 and the protocols that have been in place to prevent it have shaken up the school year completely, changing even the schedule and the assignments for this year. The course of the year has been nuts, but for me, it has been different

This year has, to me, been difficult, but I have managed it. The change from in person to online has been an interesting one, but boy it has been difficult. The year itself has been bad, but school wasn’t too bad. The school year itself has been one big learning process, adapting and improving to overcome Covid-19. However, recently, we have had a schedule change, so we have to adjust to a whole new school system after the online system. The schedule wasn’t too bad, and still is fine.

The assignments are all done with a lot of care and the passion to make it so all the students can access and understand them, which is respectable. However, the online format itself poses a problem for classes. First, if your internet is out, you can’t see your class. Second, not everybody is likely listening to the teacher, making total participation lower. Both of these can pose a problem to learning, as some students can be easily distracted, making it difficult for them to learn with everybody else.

The home setting, of course, has been mostly calming. However, a strange clause occurs, when home isn’t as calm as you hope it to be. When you have a family problem, such as a fight or a disrupting argument, this can not only result in you not being in class, but also not be able to do your homework for that day’s plan either. In other words, your home could be the biggest distraction to you!

This year has been one of the wildest and strangest school years in awhile. I hope that the normal of before returns soon.