Is The Nightmare Before Christmas really a Christmas Movie?

Miranda Reynaga , Staff Reporter

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a 1993 movie film about the adventure of Jack Skellington, the King of Halloweentown, as he discovers Christmas Town attempting to control the Christmas season. His attempt to deliver the Christmas celebration to Halloween Town is a complete fail for his ghouls and goblins. 

The plot of the story consists of the intersection of the Halloween and Christmas celebrations. Of course, Halloween Town gets ready to perform real world scares and everything ghoul, scary, Halloween related. Over in Christmas Town, everything is Christmas related with Christmas trees, decorations, and the warm atmosphere of the holiday season. This film brings a plot that includes both of these worlds. Although, most of the movie takes place in Halloween Town, and the characters are Halloween characters. The overall aesthetic of the movie is Halloween related. According to fans, this movie is indeed a Halloween movie, not so much of a Christmas movie. The movie does inject a bit of the holiday spirit, but it is considered a Halloween movie. Even the film’s director, Henry Selick, responded to this controversial question during an interview. “It’s a Halloween movie.”