COVID-Mas: How Traditional things are changed by this year. (Opinion)

Matthew Richardson, Staff Reporter

By all standards, 2020 has been a different year. We have had numerous changes to how we live our lives throughout the course of the year. But one of the biggest changes will be how Americans spend Christmas together. First off, travelling is already a nightmare on the holidays. But, with all the new restrictions in place, travel will get seriously worse. Second, some rules would possibly prevent gathering from even being of the same family, meaning Christmas gatherings won’t likely be a thing. Third, stores will have to deal with more limits in terms of buyable items, as people will likely flood for Christmas gifts and items, and online shopping will be heavily backed up and expensive. But, in all goodness, we will still be able to upkeep at-home traditions, like baking food and Christmas dinner with family(At least the ones who live in the same household). But, of course, we can use zoom and make phone calls to remain in contact with friends and family for the holidays. By all standards, Christmas will be different, but we can still enjoy the holiday together, just keeping a safe distance apart.