Holidays During a Pandemic


Lesly Avila-Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

With the holidays around the corner, it may have a different look this year with a worldwide pandemic. It might be a risk for family vacations, traveling, and getting togethers. What are people going to miss about the holidays this year?

Jose Avila claims that his holiday plans will not change, “My family does not have a holiday tradition, there would not be anything specific that I would miss, although our get-togethers might have to become a little more smaller, nothing will change”. 

To Gisselle Rodriguez, she claims the virus will not ruin a thing, “During the holidays I usually stay home, nothing different, corona really did not change my whole life in general”

To Sol Molinero she feels the opposite, “I was looking forward to so many things this holiday season, I was planning to go to Mexico for Christmas! Sadly I can’t anymore, Covid-19 needed to ruin that. To stay safe, I’m just going to stay home and probably see my cousin”. 

Reyna Rodriguez feels the same way, “I planned on visiting an old friend this holiday season, sadly as we’re going back into quarantine we have to stay home, but i will make the best out of it for my family”.

Overall, people feel differently about the virus and their holiday plans being ruined. Everyone should be positive in general and I wish everyone a good holiday season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!