A Students Perspective at Home: The Importance of not slacking on assignments.

Matthew Richardson, Staff Reporter

Being one of those kids who does school at home, I learned it is important to not delay when you plan to do a homework assignment. At home, I found my parent’s expectations for homework and grades do not change. The only change is when we finish, so the parents expect us to immediately do chores the second we step off our PC’s to do something. Frequently, I work on homework, and my parents want me downstairs to do something because I was working for too long. This kind of stuff is hard to do, and the moment you call it quits or hold off on it, you forget it. Any homework falls under this bus, causing you to, if you slack too much, have piles of homework that are undone a day before it is due. Keeping up is easy. Working on assignments the day they are assigned can keep you ahead of the grading timeline. As long as work gets done before the deadline time, it is giving your grade a good boost.