Making Sense of Last Years Holiday Season

Katelynn Silva, Staff Reporter

As most of use know the holiday season is the best part of the year, full of family, traveling, friends and good memories in the making. For many families traveling to see others is how they spend their holidays but this year some things just couldn’t be the same as the rest, due to covid and the fear of getting our peers sick or becoming sick ourselves it’s a little more concerning than normal. Many people have come up with a variety of different ways to stay in contact with their loved ones. We did a poll on social media asking high school students if the holidays last year were any different than any other, very few of the students who participated said that not much had changed, and others responded saying that it was completely different compared to a normal year. For many families from out of state not being able to travel or being extra cautious to their loved ones by staying distant.  A handful of students said that they used zoom to stay in contact and still were able to enjoy the holidays with their family; others did Christmas driving parades. Knowing that this holiday season was going to be different it brought  joy to many people knowing that a change in tradition was only temporary.