Reflecting on 2020


Tyler Osgood and Alena Resendes, Staff Reporters

Everybody knows how hectic 2020 has been. We all had to find ways to overcome the challenges 2020 presented. All of us found our own ways of dealing with this reality. As we reflect on 2020 there is inspiration to be found in how so many of us found we were stronger than we thought we were, and can adapt to challenges by shifting our perspective. 

Mrs. Larson, HHS ag teacher, stated that for her, the worst part of her year was “hearing how many people were struggling with Covid-19.” Many struggled with their self control, spreading their negativity on the internet, which bothered many people, including our teachers. 

Quarantine was fun at times for those of us who like the indoors, and really boring for those who would rather be outside. According to Mr. Zylstra, math teacher at HHS, being able to spend more time with his family was a plus.

 Mrs. Larson was proud of her kids, by watching them “roll with the punches”

Students had mixed feelings about not being in school. Rebecca Ramirez, a freshman at HHS, said, “my 2020 was bad. Me and my Family had stuff planned that we weren’t able to do because they got canceled. 

Ramirez pointed out one positive. “One good thing I say that happened in 2020 is that  I had changed my personality and the way I look at things also how much we take for granted.”

Cristal Avila, a freshman at HHS, stated that “2020 was a hard year for everyone in their own ways, in my case it was full of hardships and hardly any happy memories. Overall the hardships we had I am grateful for because they taught me how to hold on to those dear to me and appreciate all that the world gives us. I´m also grateful to my friends for being there for me the whole way and I deeply appreciate music. Music is a way for me to step out of all my worries and calm down.”

John Rodriguez, a freshman    at HHS, said that “2021 had a rough start but so far it is looking pretty good. Hopefully this year doesn’t look like last year. Still sucks that COVID-19 is still around but we gotta make the best out of the worst.” He ended by saying “Things will go back to normal hopefully soon.”