Goals for the 2021 School Year


Miranda Reynaga , Staff Reporter

The second semester has officially begun. A new year means new goals for this year. Although some things did not go as planned for the last semester, this new school year holds room for improvement, on behalf of students as well as teachers. 

The beginning of the school year back in August was a very stressful and messy moment. The biggest goal among students was to just get through the semester. Many students’ main goal now is to get good grades. Gisselle Rogriguez, a freshman, says, “For this new year my main goal is to get more out there and maintain straight A’s.” A couple personal goals various students had were getting more involved in school activities, paying more attention in class, getting a better mile time, working out more often, as well socializing and making new friends. Jasmin Richardson, freshman, has quite bigger goals for this year. “This year, I wish to start thinking about what I want to do in the future career-wise.”  

Although everything was challenging at first, teachers have had to get used to teaching through different methods. Among teachers, the biggest goal is to survive the school year with our best effort.