Editorial- Schedule Throw Off: How I feel on a new schedule.


Matthew Richardson, Staff Reporter

You know the feeling when you have everything the way you want? When it feels perfect how it is? And then a change happens and nothing feels as it used to for a few seconds? That sums up my feeling on the schedule change. While the new schedule gives every class a fair amount of time, and even opens up the elusive Period 8, also known as connectivity period, the sudden change at such a random time kind of threw off a mental system some of us had already made. It’s like when you had to transition to online school again, but still on PC full time. The timing is throwing off the original schedule’s sense of order. Removing an hour of relaxation in the morning, but extending classes threw my mental schedule for a loop. Now I feel like classes take too long even though this is the normal. But, of course, this can’t just be me. There will likely be people who enjoy this change. And there will be people who hate this change. There will always be two sides to stuff like this.