Giving up for Lent


Miranda Reynaga , Staff Reporter

The Christian holy day of Ash Wednesday initiates the beginning of Lent. During these 40 days of praying and reflection before Easter, many people decide to give something up. This could be anything from pizza, social media or video games. You can also mark this time by starting something new such as working out everyday or focusing on becoming a better person. 

Among the most popular things to give up during Lent are smartphones. Isabella Whitehouse, a freshman, says, “I would give up my phone most likely.” This could be very hard, but the whole point is to give our best sacrifice in doing so. Many other students are willing to give up junk foods such as hamburgers, pizza, sweets, donuts, or other certain foods. Leticia Galvan says, “I am giving up dairy because I just want to see if giving up dairy will benefit me and my body in a healthier way.”

Many others want to “…lose a couple pounds and get more active.” These 40 days could be a great benefit in terms of motivation to do so. Many are committing to various different things for the better of themselves.