HHS is Always Working on Improvements


Tyler Osgood, Staff Reporter

Making things perfect is quite difficult in one go. Things can get pretty close to perfection but in order to get to that point we have to take little steps in the right direction. At Hughson High School, for years people have worked to perfect this school. As with all things that require a large number of people, you get a plethora of ideas.  

Freshman Ricardo Ruiz says that he would change the amount of homework, claiming, “it’s too much and stressful”. 

Anthony Cordona, another freshman who attends HHS, said that he would change how much physical work can go into his assignments. It is really frustrating to him and everyone else when their computer starts acting up and glitching, making it hard to work. 

Mr. Ellington an ag teachers at Hughson High and Mrs. Jones a P.E. instructor, have had similar wishes. Mr Ellington would want to change the number of students coming into his actual classroom, and Mrs. Jones wished that, “students would get involved in extracurricular activities”, and “make the most of their 4 years while they are still here”. 

An individual that did not want to be named stated, they wish they could change the attitudes of some students toward the situation everyone is in. “People have changed in quarantine and have isolated themselves. It is hard to talk to people in breakout rooms or feel comfortable with cameras on. I wish things were back to normal.”