Returning to Normal: Here’s What Students Think


Jonathan Anderson

Mr. Thompson, Hughson High drama teacher, and Hughson High School Junior Jacob Hanson discuss an assigned sketch.

Miranda Reynaga , Staff Reporter

At almost one year of nationwide school closures, educators, governors, and families are discussing and concluding on the best way to return kids back into the school environment. Here at Hughson High, many students have decided to finish off the year on remote learning. However, many have been thrilled with the new plan to offer a pathway towards normality- going to school five days a week.

Distance learning has been quite a struggle for many students. Statistically speaking, in person learning is a better option for students to engage in material. Here at HHS, hybrid learning has been an option, with in person class attendance twice a week. “Hybrid learning in person does help me comprehend what I am learning because it can be a little difficult to interact in classes over zoom,” says Isabela Holmes. I somewhat enjoy hybrid learning because it allows me to get out of the house and see some of my friends for a little bit.” 

Holmes, as well as many others, believe returning to school 5 days a week is a “great idea” being “the next step for students to get a normal highschool experience.” Cailin Kelley says, “Yes, I think it is the next step to help us all recover from the pandemic, and with the vaccines having been working fairly consistently, hopefully we can open up without masks eventually.” She believes returning 5 days a week is very important. During the transition to hybrid learning, there have been many schedule changes. There might possibly be another last change in the future. These changes have been quite difficult to catch up with and a bit stressful. “The sudden schedule changes threw me off because it affected my own schedule such as sleep and homework, with the recent schedule change I have been going to bed earlier because school starts at 8:15am instead of 9:30am,” says Isabela Holmes. 

This year has changed many students’ perception of school. Before, going to school normally wasn’t a big deal, and students would say it was “boring” and “just whatever.” Now, returning to somewhat normal school during a pandemic is a big deal for students, educators, and parents. Upcoming Senior Isabela Holmes stated, “I feel that school is essential for students. It should be done in person because being able to learn in class is more successful and it is important for students to be able to socialize and go to events and participate in extracurricular activities. I hope for next school year everything can be as normal as possible especially because for my class we will be seniors and I would really appreciate a normal senior …and more opportunities for events like our graduation and prom.” 

Students are eager to return to school. They leave Zoom and online learning behind. Keeping grades up is super important, and with extended in person learning time, hopefully their grades can stay at a stable level.