HHS Prepares for a 2021 Graduation


Hailey Dimter, Staff Reporter

This year is going to look very different when it comes to the graduation process and the ceremony. With Covid-19 and everyone having to take into consideration their loved ones safety, this year’s graduation ceremony is going to be held with certain protocols and strict safety measures.

 According to Mr. Lighthall, Hughson High School’s principal, “We will be moving forward with regular graduation plans.” Lighthall continued by stating,  “If we have to limit attendance we will of course do that, but we are planning on a live graduation and hope that the positive cases decline so it can become a reality.” 

Lighthall anticipates limits to the ceremony and the school will have to make accommodations to remain inline with county health protocols. “We will require masks and space between families and graduates.We may temperature check and ask attendees to use hand sanitizer.”

Preparing the graduates for the ceremony will be less challenging according to Lighthall.  “It’s easy for graduates – we just put chairs on the field a little further apart to ensure a 6 feet distance, a little trickier for those in the stands, we will probably just mark off some seats that cannot be used.” He continued by stating,  “Again masks will be required and there will be the exchange of diplomas. All graduates will be allowed to be on the field together and graduation will be held outside.” Lighthall concluded by stating “We will be doing all that has been done in the previous years.”