Students at HHS See the Benefit of Academic Planning


Tyler Osgood, Staff Reporter

Planning is important because it gets you places in life and academic planning can be the path to your success. 

Natalie Holly would like to become a marine biologist by studying and working hard to finish high school and continue on to college. Even though she claims that her grades have “suffered, some have also improved”, during remote learning and she is going to work harder to help get her grades up. However, she thinks she is “doing decently well”. Natalie believes that she is not the only one who is going to have a hard time reaching her goals because of Covid-19 and a year of distance learning.

 Ruth Alvarado claims that she hasn’t really been affected by Covid, other than making it hard for her to get in contact with her teachers, but she thinks it has definitely affected other peoples academics. Alvarado wants to finish high school and attend college to get a degree and become a nurse. 

Anthony Cordona, wants to go to college and get a masters degree in engineering. Cordona plans to focus on school work, and believes Covid-19 has stopped some people from accomplishing their goals. He says some of his new strategies “are to take some other electronics offline to make more bandwidth so my connection to zoom is more stable…Because my grades have suffered and made me prioritize my classes more and keep trying to make up the lost work”.