With Social Distancing Restrictions Loosening HHS Looks Forward to Summer Activities


Camping in the wilderness is one of the common favorite activities according to students at HHS.

Aamie Bertolosso, Staff Reporter

As restrictions caused by Covid-19 begin to loosen, people are able to go out more and participate in social activities. Many people hope to finally go to their favorite vacation spots that they couldn’t go to this time last year.

For some people, there is a certain special place or certain places that they enjoy going to every summer whether it’s by themselves, with friends, or with family. Amaris Noyce, a student at Hughson High, for example, said that, “Me and my family are planning on going to Hawaii for a family vacation and Universal Studios for my birthday. I also plan to go to L.A. with my sisters.” 

Mr. Bernard, an Anatomy, P.E., and AP Environmental Science teacher at Hughson High, said, “We will be traveling to visit friends in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the beginning of June and will spend time with our son on the Central Coast in July.”

For others, they might not have a special place that they enjoy going every year, but they have a special place that they would like to go to this summer. Ms. Newsome, a Spanish teacher at Hughson High, said, “I would like to go to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, I love the sound of the waves.”

If people don’t have a favorite place to go to during the summer, it’s more than likely that they probably have a favorite activity. For example, Amaris Noyce enjoys, “Surfing or Kayaking because I tend to spend a lot of my summer camping.” Mr. Bernard said that for him, “Mostly, we just like to relax and not have any responsibilities.  Other than that, we enjoy working in our garden and I personally enjoy spending time coaching my cross country team.”