Meet Hughson High School’s Spanish Tutor Ms. Kline


Ms. Kline

Alexis Sotelo, Staff Reporter

This school year has been very difficult but Hughson High is fighting their way through the tough times brought on by a global pandemic. Hughson High School Spanish students have a very amazing opportunity to get help from not only their teachers but also a Spanish tutor.

We are able to have Ms. Kline as our Spanish tutor due to a partnership between our school and Stanislaus State University. Kline Attends Stanislaus State University and is a former student of Hughson High.  Mrs. Newsome said,”What a wonderful opportunity.”

Our school is able to have a Spanish tutor because they “were able to partner up with CSU Spanish Students are able to contact Sophia Kline when they need help with their Spanish Homework for current and missing assignments by using the link posted on google classroom. Spanish Teacher, Mrs. Newsome says “I love it! I hope the students are taking advantage of homework help”. Mrs. Newsome would also like to say “Don’t be afraid to ask for help! They need to tutor and you need tutoring! Sophia is also an English tutor. There is also a science tutor.”

Before tutoring at Hughson High School Sophia worked at the Modesto Tutoring Club for about 2 years.  She tutored Statics 101 at Columbia Junior College and she has been tutoring another young student in spanish since last June. Sophia said “While I have had multiple students sign up for Spanish tutoring, unfortunately, none have shown up! On the bright side, I have connected with a student looking to pursue Spanish at the college level, as well as helped students practice interview skills through leadership and portfolio class.” Sophia loves tutoring and seeing students work “above and beyond the minimum expectations”. 

Sophia would like to give us a piece of advice, She said “if you are taking Spanish in high school, don’t stop after completing the minimum 2-year graduation requirement! I cannot stress enough how important it is to continue taking foreign language throughout high school and college. I guarantee you that your Spanish skills will open doors for you in the future. “