Fear The Pack: 2021 Football and Volleyball Previews


HHS File Photo

Jonathan Lowell Anderson, Staff Reporter

The 2020-2021 school year brought a lot of challenges and hardships to the athletic department at Hughson High School. The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the world. Schools shut down, teams were not allowed to practice or play. Finally students were able to go back to practicing and competing for a abbreaved season. 

Five months later Hughson High Athletics are full squad ready and ready to dominate the 2021 Fall season. Football, Volleyball, Girls Golf, and Cross Country are gearing up for a season of domination. 


On the 360 feet or 100 yards of tough green grass of Husky Memorial Stadium is where you can find one of the toughest packs of Huskies that roam the state of California.

The Huskies have an extremely difficult schedule ahead of them. The season opener kicks off on August 20th. The Hughson Huskies will face off against the Sierra Timberwolves for this matchup. The Timberwolves are the reigning CIF- SJS DIV Football Championships.  On top of the Timberwolves the Huskies have a tough schedule for the 2021-2022 Season. 

The opening homestead will end just after one game because the next week the Huskies will face off against the Warriors. There will not be a homestead until october. That will be a two game homestead against the MC and Bruns october first and eighth. The season will close on 10/29 with a face off with the Ripon Indians in Ripon. 

Come out and support our Hughson Huskies as they try for a killer season. 


Coming off an insane 2020 season the Huskies are ready to tear it up in 2021. In 2020 the Huskies went 13-1 overall and 10-0 in league. The season kicked off on August 23rd with a match at ceres. Their home opener is wednesday August 25th with a match against Bret Harte. The league season will start on September 7th with a home match against Modesto Christan. 

The Huskies finished the season as the fourth best volleyball team in the CIF Division 4 rankings. They finished as the 44th best team in the state of California for all divisions.

The 2021 season will conclude with a home match against Livingston on October 21st. Lets come out and support our Lady Huskies.

What will this 2021 season look like for football and volleyball? What will it bring ranking wise? Let’s wait and see.