Husky in the Hot Seat: Mr. Kroll


Jorge Ruiz, Staff Writer

Jorge Ruiz What’s your name and what subjects do you teach?

Mr. Kroll My name is Cameron Kroll and I teach AP U.S. History, 11th grade U.S. History, and 10th grade World History.

Jorge Ruiz What is your favorite food ?

Mr. Kroll Tacos!

Jorge Ruiz What class do you like the most ?

Mr. Kroll History of course.

Jorge Ruiz What is your favorite color ? 

Mr. Kroll My favorite color is Green.

Jorge Ruiz Do you play video games ?

Mr. Kroll I used to play them when I was younger but not so much now.  I enjoy old school video games.

Jorge Ruiz What is your opinion on video games ?

Mr. Kroll I think they can be great for relaxation and can help with hand-eye coordination.

Jorge Ruiz Is there anyone you look up to, if so why ? 

Mr. Kroll My grandfather. He passed away some time ago but he taught me so much.

Jorge Ruiz If you did not have a job as a teacher, what job would you get ? 

Mr. Kroll I would probably be a counselor; I want to help kids.

Jorge Ruiz What interests you the most ? 

Mr. Kroll I love working out! It is one of my passions.

Jorge Ruiz What other subjects do you like ?

Mr. Kroll I enjoy science, I’m fascinated by outer space.

Jorge Ruiz Have you ever told a white lie to make someone happy ?

Mr. Kroll Not that I can think of.

Jorge Ruiz On a scale of 1-10 how lenient would you say you are ?

Mr. Kroll I would say a 7, I have high expectations for my students but I am also understanding.

Jorge Ruiz What are your pet peeves ?

Mr. Kroll Gossip and bullying. There is no place for them in this world.

Jorge Ruiz Is there anything you would like to change about this school if given the chance ?

Mr. Kroll I would not change anything, this is a great place to be!

Jorge Ruiz Is there any rule you would like to erase or add for any reason ?

Mr. Kroll In a perfect world I would love to see a rule that you must complete at least one act of kindness each day.