Opinion-Going Back to School After a Year and a Half of being in Distance Learning


Matthew Richardson, Staff Writer

Being a full-time at home student, going back to school after the chaos of last year feels somewhat surreal. Being that I didn’t even need to go to school, the thought that all that you need to do is watch a screen whilst in your own comfort zone, it just started to gain suit and comfort knowing that’s what needed to be done. During the midway of when people were allowed to return, I just stayed home, already comfortable with how I was doing, and watched what I would be doing through the screen. It was outright surreal. 

But coming back is an alien experience in itself. Not that the feeling of school itself is unnatural, but just that so much has changed since I should have been here. First, the mask policy is a bit of an annoyance to my minorly-bearded face, but it’s still understandable that it needs to be there. But seeing everyone wearing them, and even a few going against such policies, is also a minorly unreal sight to the school year. Second, the OWLS. These strange things are the cameras for students who are in quarantine, but I had never known how they looked until I had started this year. They at first looked like plain speakers, but when activated, they resemble their bird namesake. Quite a shame their eyes don’t move to track speakers. As for the rest of school, it’s relatively normal. The only thing that is different is the classes themselves from what I’ve seen. Even Lunch isn’t too far different from normal. Maybe it’s just the time at home changing how some things feel and seem, or something else entirely, but most of school has come back to somewhat normal.