Two Summers


Aamie Bertolosso, Editor

The difference between this year’s summer and last year’s is pretty drastic, to say the least. But, this change has actually, for the most part, been for the best.

To start off, the summer of 2020 was something that most people have never experienced before, and most likely don’t want to ever experience again. Brooke Boucher, a senior at HHS, described the summer of 2020 as, “Summer of 2020 wasn’t very eventful. I hung out with a few of my close friends but I didn’t do much else besides that.” 

On the other hand, some people enjoyed being home. Miss Schmidig, for example, said that her summer was, “I would describe summer 2020 as low key.  Covid forced me to stay home and spend time with my family and gave me time to do things I love such as gardening.”

In comparison to 2020, the summer of 2021  was a lot more enjoyable. Brooke Boucher described her summer as, “Summer of 2021 has been really fun. I got to hang out with a lot of my friends and I got to go to Disneyland and spend a couple days at my family’s cabin.” 

Miss Schmidig also said, “Summer 2021 was MUCH busier! I was able to travel again (which I love), spend time with my family and friends and then attended a livestock show for the Stanislaus County Fair so the members of Hughson FFA were able to show which was fantastic!”

Recently, the popular opinion has been that the summer of 2021 is a big improvement from last year’s. For example, Mr. Lighthall, the principal at HHS, said, “Definitely – less restrictions and more normalcy for the school, kids and adults.”

Brooke Boucher agreed in saying that, “This summer was definitely better because a lot more things were open and unlike last summer, I had my licence this summer so I was able to go to a lot more places.”

Knowing that this summer was a lot more joyous than last year’s, I wanted to know what kinds of things people were able to do this summer that they weren’t able to do in the previous year. Miss Schmidig said, “I was able to go camping, fly on an airplane for vacation, eat inside a restaurant and get out of the house more.” 

Mr. Lighthall said, “I was able to go to Disneyland with my family which we were originally planning to do last summer but they were closed so we couldn’t.”

Lastly, with how much a difference these two summers had from each other, I wanted to find out what people’s hopes were for the summer of 2022. Brooke Boucher said, “Next summer I hope to go to a lot of cool places and spend time with my friends before we start college.”

Also, Miss Schmidig said, “Travel and spend time with family & friends!”

To end it off Mr. Lighthall said, “Normal, normal, normal.”