Returning to In-person Learning after a Remote Year


Tyler Osgood, Staff Reporter

People last school year were struggling because of the virus. Grades dropping, stress rising and confusion for everyone. But since everyone is welcome to coming back full time without a hybrid schedule, things are changing. 

Mario Ochoa, a sophomore, took Spanish 4 last year and is now taking ap spanish. He stated that it is way easier in person and said, “I feel like I can learn better in person. I don’t have any distractions at home that make me lose my focus, in school I am more locked in.” 

At the end of the year, Ochoa hopes to have a new perspective on his education and compete in track at a high level. Ochoa believes that school is the foundation of the future. He claims that students build a work ethic at school, even if you don’t go to college, you learn to work and listen. “If you surround yourself with good people nothing can stop you, they already have you winning so it’s just up to us to like go out there and get it done. Like we have friends that turn to us for help and motivation and we have to go out there and succeed, to set a precedent for everyone”. 

Cristal Avila claims all her classes went from one to two and are indeed the same. She is currently taking AP Spanish and beginning band and says that Spanish AP is hard but she can push through it and band is easy. At the end of the year she sees herself getting a job. 

Melania Preciado, also taking classes she took during lockdown claims that her classes are just as difficult but has high hopes and confidence that she will pass all her classes. Preciado believes that grades will have an effect on achieving where she will be after this school year. If she isn’t passing she states “I think talking to teachers and doing my best will help”.