Hughson FFA Pulled Pork Dinner Returns


Elizabeth Mendoza, Staff Writer

Hughson High School is hosting the annual  Pulled pork booster dinner on Saturday, October 2nd from 4-7 p.m.They have been holding this for several years now. Per year, they strive to sell 2,000 tickets. 

The AG community wishes they could sell more but unfortunately the number of tickets are limited.”We have a very positive outcome.” 

Due to covid, many events in our school were affected, for example the Pulled pork dinner.

Last year they were only allowed to do the drive-through and weren’t able to have sit downs nor auctions. They also had to cancel the big breakfast. “Pancakes to go don’t really taste really good.”

In regards to preparing for the pulled pork dinner, Mrs. Larson stated. “We  have a committee, and they go out and do all the shopping. We have to order the tickets ahead of time.We have to check those tickets out to students. We have to collect money from the students from the tickets. And then because our ticket sale price program, once the dinner is over and tickets have been collected and money has been collected then we have to go through it and organize the prices and that’s all leading up to the actual dinner and the day of, we get here at eight in the morning to start the barbecue and start meal prepping”

Mrs.Larson wishes there was better guidance for the traffic. She tells me how last year people would wait up to an hour to get their food.” When there is 2,000 people and they all come at once, they’re gonna get stuck in traffic 

After any event, like the pulled pork dinner, students are tired. But Mrs. Larson and everyone in the program feels accomplished because all the money that is raised goes back to help the kids in the program. And they feel good to know all the hard work was paid off.