Freshmen Adjust to High School


Jorge Ruiz, Staff Writer

Hughson High school is receiving a new wave of freshmen this fall after a very bizarre year where students had to go to class on zoom. Because of this, freshmen are going through more of an adjustment period than any average year. Hughson High freshmen seem to be taking this adjustment period in stride.  

According to Andrea Ruiz the transition has been smooth so far. Ruiz says, “I have not had any difficulties.” 

Kayson Osgood likes school in person much more than on zoom.Osgood also appreciates Pack TIme where he receives extra support  for classes he needs help in.

According to Andrea Ruiz, the food is not good and she wishes the school had more options when it comes to meals on campus.

Aiden Damas said, “school should not be changed in any way because the school is great!”