In and Back Out: What Quarantining feels like


Matthew Richardson, Staff Writer

Being back at school immediately made me feel a slight bit better than during distanced learning. But of course, you have to know something will shift and lead you back somewhere else eventually. One of my family members came down with COVID-19, but ended up fine after all this. Unfortunately, we all had to quarantine for safety reasons.Unexpectedly during this quarantine I was able to experience the precautions and safety measurements that were needed to keep us all safe.

Starting with the subject of the Zoom Meetings. Strangely enough, a few Zoom classrooms were missing. The rest had either forgotten or simply just had issues with their owl cameras. Still, it wasn’t much of a problem.

The assignments were relatively the same as before. A few were just online variants as the ones in class. Others were specialized for the online learning experience. There were a few classes that had homework but there was very little. For the most part, independant homework was an easy bid. One class had a team homework assignment, but I was paired with someone else who was on zoom. But, being they weren’t confident in their ability to do it, it was mostly me working on that assignment. Overall, homework was no problem.

Now, the environment of my house is nowhere near calm. With another sibling in my grade and a little brother in middle school. Those 2 were always messing with each other and making noise. To top this off, my parents also would ask me for things they needed done or for food, as I was trying to work on homework. Nothing new, but when your Chromebook is the only connection to school you got, you have to work with your face to it. I also had to work on the homework, with said problems and my minor issue of distractions. Overall, a chaotic mix.

The experience as a whole was basically me working on homework for ⅔ of the “school” day, with the last part usually being me listening to Zoom Meetings while doing so. Upon arrival back to school, I had to deal with the late-assignment apocalypse that came after me. Now, while staying at home sounds comfy, you still need to be aware of what may or may not be possible while you’re there, such as tests and assignments that wish to be completed in class. Also, being home means you usually have some connection to COVID, which is no fun. My best recommendation is to stay healthy and safe by covering your mouths and noses with masks. Unless you want lots of late and problematic assignments, then that could help you.