Hughson Lady Huskies Gets Major Support From Students


Jonathan Anderson, Sports Reporter

On Monday August 27th the Hughson Huskies squared off with the Hawks, from Central Valley High School. The normal crowd was there: parents, siblings. When asked about the student section at this game Hughson Lady Huskies Volleyball Head Coach Kaci Brazil said the following “In general, I would like to say that it was great to have a student section that was full of enthusiasm.  It makes a difference in our team morale when we have support!”

In the first set, the student section exploded in chanting, cheers, and even a rendition of Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes). It helped drive the Huskies to a 25-15 victory. “The student section was really great and it helped pump us up, it was really fun. I really liked it.” Madison Duron, a sophomore at Hughson High School.

Although a screaming student section isn’t always a good thing for the opposing team, Hughson High Athletic Director and Teacher at Hughson High School, Joel Bernard says “Sometimes, the kids got a little rowdy, and we did get a warning from the ref.  But, I think the kids figured out that in some sports, there are times when you can and cannot make noise. I was happy to see the mostly positive support that our students were giving.  We just need to remember that we’re there to support our team on the court, not to degrade the opponent or referee.” 

The Huskies won this game 3 sets to zero. Will this rowdy group of students continue to support the huskies? Wait and see at the next home game against Ripon.