Husky In The Hot Seat-Destannie Ramirez


Reece Houser, Staff Writer

Reece Houser: What is your name? Destannie Ramirez

Reece Houser: What grade are you in?

Destannie Ramirez: 9th

 Reece Houser: How do you feel about being fully back to school?

Destannie Ramirez: I feel so much happier that we all can be back together in one community again. 

Reece Houser: How were the first couple of weeks here at Hughson? 

Destannie Ramirez: They were very fun, in fact, I got to make awesome friends. 

Reece Houser: How was the club rush?

Destannie Ramirez: It was pretty cool, I got to join a few. 

Reece Houser: Do you plan to join any clubs? 

Destannie Ramirez: Yes, I did. 

Reece Houser: What clubs seem most intriguing?

Destannie Ramirez: Model UN, HOPE Club, and CSF. 

Reece Houser: What do you plan to do in the club of your choice (describe the club)? 

Destannie Ramirez: I would really like to gain some type of experience with things I don’t really do, like for example, Model UN seems very interesting since it’s under the category of Politics and Debate. 

Reece Houser: What are your goals for this year?

Destannie Ramirez: I would like to get good grades and not get into any drama. 

Reece Houser: What is your favorite thing about Hughson high? 

Destannie Ramirez: My favorite thing about Hughson High is the environmental warmth, it feels very welcoming. 

Reece Houser: Do you have any personal hobbies?

Destannie Ramirez: I noticed that I really like to exercise and gain a better mental mindset. 

Reece Houser: What do you plan to accomplish these next 4 years? 

Destannie Ramirez: I would really like to maintain good grades and end school on a positive note. 

Reece Houser: Are you interested in higher education (college)? 

Destannie Ramirez: Yes, I am. 

Reece Houser: Have you gone to any sports events? 

Destannie Ramirez: I went to the first football game of the school year. 

Reece Houser: Are you looking forward to any sports? 

Destannie Ramirez: I’m getting kind of interested in golf and softball. 

Reece Houser: Tell me a little about your personality (siblings, favorite subject ect.) 

Destannie Ramirez: I am left handed, I have three half brothers, I have two cats, and I love to listen to music. 

Reece Houser: Is there anything else I should know? 

Destannie Ramirez: I really hope that this school year will be how everyone wants it to be, I know I do.