HHS Clubs Show their Diversity


Jorge Ruiz, Staff Writer

Hughson High school has a plethora of of clubs devoted to a variety of interests such as FFA, CFS,Key club,Chess club,Mock trials,Pride club and the Academic Decathlon

FFA is an extracurricular activity that all students enrolled in AG can participate in. Students can attend leadership conferences, compete in public speaking events, judging teams,showing livestock at the fair and much more. As stated by Ms. Schmidig “FFA makes a positive impact on the students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.” Ms. Schmidig stated that,”A few of the benefits of joining FFA include hands-on learning, character and leadership development and enjoying new experiences.”

As Karalee Ruelas said, “Mock Trial has murder in witch you can prosecute or defend in a court of law”. Some of the benefits of joining the club are learning how to publicly speak and how to present yourself. According to Karalee Ruelas, “You will be able to participate in an actual case with real lawyers and a real judge”. You will learn many fun and great things. You will also compete in the case against another school.

Life of a Husky (LOH) is a unique group because it is both a club and class. Everyone on campus that participates in some kind of extra curricular activity is a part of our club.To quote Kaci Brazil , “ Life of a Husky also has the Life of a Husky Leadership Academy class that is designed to teach students the skills such as Leadership/Role Models, Community Service, Chemical Health, Life Skills just to name a few.” Mrs. Brazil also said “This year we have also started a mentor-ship component for the freshmen on campus. We have done various activities to introduce them to the Husky culture.” Some activities that LOH put together is the Breast Cancer Walk/Run, Lunchtime activities and games, freshmen conference and many more.