Hughson Band Celebrates School Spirit


Alexis Sotelo, Staff Writer

This year we Hughson High students are grateful to be back to a more normal school year. Football games are back and along with that comes the band that plays a various amount of songs each home game on Friday nights.

Mrs. Maki, the Hughson High’s Band Director, says “our prep band currently performs 8 full length tunes, plus around 8 more shorter cheers, for about 16 in total.” The Hughson High band students started practicing at the beginning of the football season. Mrs. Maki also said “Our new band members have a lot of new material to learn in a very short time, and our veteran band members do a great job of leading the way for them, especially at the first home game of the season. We practice pep band music every single school day for the duration of the football season to perfect and add on to our pep band repertoire”. The songs that get played at each home football game include On Wiscon (our school’s fight song), Star Spangled Banner, Go fight, win, Jaws and The Imperial March.

Hughson High currently owns about 84 pieces of Music for Prep Band. The students use specially made folders that can be attached to each instrument. These folders can hold up to 12 songs. Mrs. Maki also said “Our band takes pride in supporting our school and football team. We love showing up loud and proud for our Huskies!”

Amaris Noyce is Sophomore and plays the trombone. Amaris has been in band since 5th grade, she’s in concert band but is moving up to symphonic band. Amaris says “I love playing at Friday night games. I feel like the band gives the games a whole other level of fun for the football players, student section and parent sections”.