Homework and Games: The Balance Between the 2 Time-Takers


Matthew Richardson, Opinion Writer

We all enjoy some part of the internet. Everyone does it. Nobody can deny it. Whether it’s games, videos, or making videos or questionable priority, we all enjoy some minor part of the internet’s sides. But there’s something that takes almost just as much time, and is required for school. The dreaded 8 letter word, Homework, is something that usually is associated with before you start playing video games or along such. Obviously, while one is enjoyable, the other is something you have to do, but my view is that homework comes first, like how most parents say. I do like playing video games, but when your grades look like the definition of a crater, if your parents care for the grades, then there may be trouble even having the privilege in the first place. You should always consider homework first, but it doesn’t hurt to set some things aside for later. For example, if an assignment is decently fast to complete, you can save it for later if its due date is far enough. While homework is important, it doesn’t have to overtake what you can do in your freetime if you don’t let it do so. If you stay on top of homework, it can even be completed before it arrives at your house with you, such as completed in class or even during Pack Time. If you really don’t have things to do at Lunch/Break, it’s also a good excuse to work on that kinda stuff too. Overall, try to keep your priority on homework, but don’t let it be all you are focused on.