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Sophia Sanchez, Staff Writer

The Greenhand Conference is an event for Agriculture students to learn about the opportunities that FFA has to offer. It was on Thursday September 30, 2021 at the Merced Highschool. Mrs. Larson said, “A Greenhand FFA member is a first year member enrolled in their 1st year of an Ag class.”  

Last year due to covid they were not able to hold the greenhand conference. “We have always recognized our Greenhand members with a certificate and the bronze Greenhand pin. Usually there is an annual conference they can attend, but last year it was cancelled due to Covid.” 

Thankfully, this year they were able to hold the conference like they normally do and do all the activities that the freshman enjoy doing. “The conference is an exciting day filled with activities that allow students to better understand the many opportunities that FFA has to offer. Students will be broken into small groups and participate in various fun activities revolving around leadership. Activities include obstacle courses, games, activity books, etc.”

In order for the Greenhand Conference to happen there had to be a team of people willing to set it up. “The Greenhand Conference is brought to us by the California FFA. Leadership Facilitators are hired that were recent FFA members themselves to lead the conference.”

Although a lot of freshmen wanted to come, there was a limited number of people. “We are taking 20 students this year. Each conference is limited to 180 total members.”