Reflections of Homecoming


Noah Venegas and Tyler Osgood

On the ninth week of school, Friday, October 8th, a great moment in our institution’s history commenced. Homecoming, one of Hughson’s greatest traditions, creates excitement and a joyful mood throughout the week within the town and schools. From the football players and cheerleaders to the people in the stands, to the rising and shouting crowds, for the spirit of Homecoming. Throughout the days of this week, members of Hughson High, staff and students alike, express their thoughts and feelings towards this extensive event.


Mr. Lighthall, the principal at HHS, in regarding to what homecoming means to him. “It’s a super fun event and time of year. So many kids are doing what school is all about, which is having fun with friends. It’s super important because we haven’t had events like this all year”

Regarding the football game, Lighthall stated, “Super important, people want to go to a winning school, to be proud of their school. It has a good effect on school culture and morale” Mr. Lighthall continued to state “It’s a cool event because of the parade, the community comes together to support, and others who left come back to homecoming to celebrate their time here.”

Lighthall mentions that Homecoming definitely strengthens the relationships people have with others in their community and tells us.“The activities bring people together, like the floats. People participate in all the events”. Lighthall tells us that it hasn’t strengthened any relationships with anyone he knows, but doesn’t doubt it has with anyone else and also said “Nothing has made me happier because of the events of last year.”

Mr. Lighthall enjoys the parade, floats,  and the football game and it was most exciting for the band, cheer and joy and just being around people.


Next Jack Bland, a teacher at Hughson High School was kind enough to say what he thought about this event when asked what homecoming means to him and replied with “The community coming together.”

According to Mr. Bland, “The morale will be significantly boosted and unstoppable,” if the football team wins their homecoming game. Bland also mentioned that to the community of Hughson, Homecoming means “The showing of the community coming together, 100%. It’s a reason to come together, an excuse to hang out with neighbors and has a general sense of celebration”. In regards to whether or not it has strengthened any friendships with anyone he has known, Bland stated “As a whole, the school comes together for the week”

Bland stated that in the instant he felt towards homecoming he said, “Awesome, coming after a year from last year we need more things like this especially this year because of last year” and enjoys “The comradery, different groups coming together for the common cause”.
When asked what are you most excited about homecoming, Bland said “Hughson high football continues to win.”


Next we have Isabel Lopez, a sophomore at  hughson highschool who was able to tell us her  opinion on homecoming.

 When asked about what  homecoming means to her Isabel stated, “Fun exciting week full of a bunch of school and fun activities”

When she was asked If the football team wins, what do she thinks it will do for the town/school she stated that “If there is, I feel like will get to like the state finals”

When asked about what do she thinks Homecoming means to the school/town of Hughson she said “Really big deal to Hughson and the school as well”

When she was asked about friendships and homecoming she stated “I don’t really know”

Regarding how she feels towards homecoming this instant she said, “I’m excited for it make new friends at powder puff and can do something different”

When asked what she enjoys most about homecoming she said,  “The after school activities”
When asked What are you most excited about homecoming? Meet new people have fun and have the high school experience


Finally Mr. Rickard another teacher at Hughson High School answered some questions for us when asked what the football team winning will do for our community, replied with, ”It will give the team a winning streak of games and build momentum for the rest of the year” Rickard continues with, “It gives the school a sense of tradition and helps us remember the roots of local culture and it gives us a sense of community through shared activities” Rickard also mentioned “I’m looking forward to Friday off” and enjoys having Friday off the most about homecoming. 


But now, homecoming is here, and all that we have accomplished, all that we have done, has led to this moment in our town’s history. Hughson and Riverbank, a game that will be remembered for years to come. The final moment, the final touchdown, the final minute, seize it, our very own, Hughson Huskies, for the win.