CSF Information

Reece Houser, Staff Writer

CSF stands for California Scholarship Federation. Many California students make the brave venture to college each year. However, the colleges in California have always been on the more expensive end. That’s where CSF comes in to help, providing students with thousands of dollars a year. Unfortunately, the CSF application deadline for Hughson High has already passed, but the CSF Club is always looking for new members. To be clear, this money isn’t being given out for just anything, and there is a $10 fee when you apply. CSF is a club that focuses mostly on community service; doing good for the community while seeking higher education and bettering yourself. There are also fundraisers, and field trips that provide members with resources about colleges, while they go on tours. With college being the end goal for the students in this club, a member must have no grade lower than a C, at the end of each semester (a full list of requirements can be found on the CSF-CJSFwebsite). In the case of freshmen, you might not be able to reap the benefits of a lifetime membership quite yet, but freshmen are still encouraged to get involved to be prepared for next year. Students may start the process of becoming life members in the second semester of Sophomore year. It is highly encouraged to become a life member. As a senior, you may be able to qualify for “Life Membership” and graduate with honors. According to the CSF-CJSF website, “Seniors may achieve Life Membership (Sealbearer status at graduation) if they have been a member of CSF for four semesters during the second semester of sophomore year through the second semester of senior year. ”  Honors Society.org also describes the CSF lifetime membership as “…one of the highest scholastic honors given to secondary school graduates in the state of California.”  If you are interested in getting involved with the club here in Hughson, these are some vital members that will influence your experience. The club president is Isabel Fontana, and the Vice President is Abigail Monroe. The Treasurer is Emily Flora. In the close race for Secretary, it came down to Sukhimt Bassi and Celeste Crawford. Ultimately, Celeste Crawford is our Secretary. You can also contact the advisor Mrs. Geisbrecht, (formally known as Mrs. Coleman). If you are still on the fence you can ask any teacher on campus, and they would describe CSF as beneficial, especially for the college-driven student that would like to graduate with honors. Of course the club will also help if you would like a little bit of  financial assistance on your venture.