Hughson Lady Huskies Move Closer Clinch Postseason Seat: With two losses to Hilmar and A Lose to Ripon


Jonathan Anderson, Sports Reporter

The Hughson Huskies Volleyball team has a do or die series that started on Thursday October seventh with a home game and will close on Tuesday Oct 12, 2021 at 6:00 pm. Before game one Hilmar stood in fourth place and 1.0 games behind the third place Hughson. This series can go three ways because the teams are having back to back games playing each other. The first way is if Hughson wins game one they become 2.0 games ahead of Hilmar. And if they win game two they become 3.0 games ahead of the yellow jackets and seal themselves a round one playoff seed. 

If Hilmar wins game one and game two then it goes the opposite way. If Hilmar wins game 1 and Hughson wins game 2 or the other way around then it’s up to Ripon, Livingston and Escalon to determine Hughson’s Playoff Seat and for Hilmar it’s up to  Escalon, Livingston and Ripon. 

Well Hilmar struck first in game one. Winning the first and second sets. But not without a fight from Hughson that came mainly from in the second set. Forcing the second set into over time. That momentum was not lost even when we lost the second set. The Lady Huskies forced the game into five sets. Key players for that were Felicity Sill, Madi Duron and Brooklynn Olthoff. 

Well in game two the Yellowjackets shut down the huskies 3 sets to zero. Nothing interesting happened in that game. The same would hold true on Thursday when the Ripon Indians came into town and beat the Hughson Huskies 3 sets to 1.