Tik Tok Trend Gone Too Far


Zurisadai Galvan, Staff Writer

Over the past two years Tik-Tok has been trending with a variety if different videos and dances. This year there was a challenge called the devious licks. The devious lick is a trend where people go to school and steal things from schools. Mr. Lighthall feels that this trend is “juvenile and Childish. We have caught roughly 90% of those responsible and either suspended them or given them a Saturday School. It’s not funny, it’s not cool, and students need to take care of their school and build their character by making good choices”. In regards to why kids are doing this “They don’t always think through the consequences of their actions. With the latest challenge of loosening lug nuts, people could actually die, or at the very least become seriously injured. No HHS kids want that, but that’s where this action leads”.

According to Mr. Lighthall “Most things they steal are worthless and they just think it’s funny. Meanwhile, there are no longer mirrors in the bathroom or hand soap (for a day until we get it replaced) to wash your hands after doing your business. We caught the student and now it’s part of his record that he has been suspended and neither he or his parents think it’s very funny. We had another student steal an exit sign, which then caused him to sit in a conference with his mother and administration. It wrecks the school, takes our time from doing other important things, and is ultimately embarrassing for those causing the disturbance.”  Students who participated in vandalism have been suspended. Lighthall said “we take this very seriously and want to be clear that damaging the school and stealing are heinous activities that will not be tolerated”. 

Daniela Negrete a Freshman says “some kids think that they will be famous or win something or they just want to get attention”. Daniela thinks that other students probably keep the stuff they still have or use it to get money. She doesn’t think it’s necessary to steal. Daniela says she has never stolen anything because she doesn’t see the point in it. She also says “some of the kids feel normal because they are used to it and other kids just feel like it’s funny or don’t really care about it”.