Student’s Guide to an Effective Pack Time

Matthew Richardson, Opinion Writer

Ever since last year, we have had an off period defined as “PACK time”. This period is a study hall in which students can choose what class they should go to and work on homework. But, not only do people not know exactly what is a good way to use it, but how to schedule it at all! To schedule for PACK time teachers you need, head to the Clever app that you are provided with on your bookmark bar. When you log in, find the app named Enriching Students and go there. Upon reaching the app, hit Schedule and find a teacher you would like to go to. It requires you to leave a comment to go to sed class, but after that, you are set. Now, what class should you go to? If you have missing assignments, usually focus on the classes to turn stuff into. Some teachers have their PACK time classes give you benefits for completing HomeWork and missing assignments. Your first priority is to maintain your late work, so always choose classes you need help in first. If you somehow don’t have a class you need help in, I recommend finding a quiet place to study for an incoming test so you can prepare for it in advance. If none of those are appealing, you could try to enter a class with friends so you can work together and relax with your friends. Albeit, that may not be a good thing for people in the same room with you. So always consider other students when you choose a PACK time class. To Recap, always put classes you need help in as your first priority, and go somewhere relaxing second.