Teacher Of the Month: Brad Thompson


Jorge Ruiz, Staff Writer

Jorge Ruiz: Who is your hero and why?

Thompson: “Jesus Christ”

Jorge Ruiz: If money was no object, what would you have in your classroom and why?

Thompson: “The students I work with are the greatest asset I have in the classroom.  They are priceless.  They bring themselves and their talents and share them every day in choir and drama.  We could meet under a tree if we had to, and they would make it work (last year, we did).  However, I am very glad we don’t have to meet under a tree this year.  We have some great facilities for our size of school.  My biggest challenge is not money, but creating a safe place where they can share who they really are.  They are beautiful.  I would use the unlimited money needed to help share that energy, that beauty, that talent with others: sound, lights, costumes, and opportunities to bring the very best talent in the area to work with them.  I would like to take them places in addition to Disneyland (which we do every year).  I would take them around the world to expand their view of their possibilities.”

Jorge Ruiz: What do you like most about this school ?

Thompson: “The people 

Jorge Ruiz:Is there anything you would change about the school if you could?

Thompson: “ We have great students, a dedicated faculty, and a remarkable school administration that is focused on helping students succeed.  We are very blessed in this community.”

Jorge Ruiz: Why did you choose to be a teacher?

Thompson: “ It has always been a part of me to help others through the arts.”

Jorge Ruiz: Is there any other subjects that you would like to teach and for what reason?

Thompson:No.  I am a very happy guy.”

Jorge Ruiz: What is your favorite show that one of your classes has done ?

Thompson:Each show we have done in the past has its own special memories because of the people who were involved.  To select a particular show is like trying to select a favorite child.  You love them all.”

Jorge Ruiz:How do you teach your students?

Thompson: “They teach me, and I provide a safe place and environment where they can teach themselves and each other.”

Jorge Ruiz: Question 9 What is your favorite holiday?

Thompson: I like them all.  “

Jorge Ruiz: what is your favorite music i.e rock, hip hop, jazz and why?

Thompson: “ I like most styles of music in all ages.  I am concerned at the current number of artists that are using the arts to promote dark, destructive ideas.  Much of it is well crafted and seductive.  I will defend their right to express themselves, but I will not support their music by buying, watching, or sharing it.  I encourage all students to be careful in the music they choose to listen to.  We can all find music that helps us be our best selves.