How Students Feel About Pack Time 


Angela Bridgman, Staff Writer

Last year Hughson High had an 8th period. This year it is introduced as “Pack Time”. This period allows students to catch up on missing work. Pack time is scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This period also lets students schedule the teacher of their choice that they need assistance in. Students will often use this period for free time if they have the grades to do so. 

Some students say it is helpful and some say that they don’t need it. Nadia Ruiz says “Pack time is useful for me when I have homework or missing assignments. I will usually work on those assignments during that free period. I mostly request Mrs. Brazil or Mr. Parker on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

Some students would disagree and say pack time isn’t useful for them. Case West says “Pack time is not helpful for me. I usually would just sit there during that time. On the days pack time is scheduled I request Mr. Hernandez.”

Pack time can be helpful depending on the situation. You can get a lot of things done during that period like homework, missing work, and more. Teachers can request you or you can request them if needed. If you need to request a teacher just log into Enriching Students and schedule the teacher of your choice but make sure you do it ahead of time to get the teacher of your choice.