Play-offs and The Challenges Up Ahead


HHS File Photo

Hailey Dimter, Staff Writer

After a long and tough few months of Football games, practice, and film studying to better benefit the team and better the outcome of each game, we have unfortunately reached the end of the season. But excitingly the Playoffs have arrived and the Varsity team is pumped and ready for anything coming their way. The playoffs will take place November 12th on a Friday. 

Team member Max Prouty stated, “We’re gonna do great.” As well as many others on the team saying they are determined to win and have great hopes for the outcome of this game. Defensive Coach Sexton stated, “If we play our game, we should do great”.

 All around school, students are saying things like, “I’m so excited for Friday’s game” and “I can’t wait to hang out and cheer on the team”, So you could say people are excited. Needless to say, go get your tickets and show school spirit in the previous days leading up and show all the Husky support in the stands, as it makes the players more pumped,  excited, and determined to win. Because what would a game be without the support from friends and family. But don’t forget the Team of course, they make the magic happen.