Hughson High Celebrates Thanksgiving


Sophia Sanchez, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving has always been special to many families all across the country. From the base tradition of Turkey and pie, to the most out there foods like Pecan pies, Thanksgiving is an outlet for many families to, not only stuff their face with food, but to connect with one another and grow closer.

Here at HHS, our own teachers and students have traditions of their own that they carry from either their childhoods, to modern day. Mr. Tetrick, A P.E Teacher here at Hughson High said, “ We have special foods like oyster sauce and pecan pies.” 

Some thanksgiving traditions are not limited to food, such as Ms. Sanchez and her family’s tradition of music! “ My husband’s side is Hawaiian,” Ms. Sanchez states.  “So we have those kinds of food and we are a musical family so a special tradition we have is everyone brings an instrument and we play music.”

 Some people like Ms. Glavich have traditions that have come and gone, or some they remembered from their childhood, as she said quote, “ When I was a child we used to take our whole family and make a bunch of food and eat but we always had too many leftovers, now it’s me, my boyfriend, our dog, and our parents and we eat and make memories.” She also added, “ We used to have a tradition when I was kid  where we would do turkey shooting but we would take BB-Guns and shoot cans and that’s what we called it.” 

Some teachers like to keep it simple, like Mr. Bernard, whose tradition is simply put, ” We just eat and have fun.“ There is nothing wrong with the simplicity of tradition, as thanksgiving is meant to be for all in America to celebrate in any and all different ways!

 Tradition and culture could be considered one in the same, and can be mixed together however one likes! Take Mrs. Newsome’s creative mix of hispanic foods and thanksgiving classics, quote, “We eat lots of food like tamales, turkey, and lemon meringue pie,” which is one of her personal favorite thanksgiving foods. 

From a student perspective, the thanksgiving holiday is just a day to embrace the more traditional meals. Cole Pace, a freshman, stated, “We eat turkey.” A more traditional thanksgiving tradition amongst most families. 

Even in the younger years, families mix together culture and thanksgiving much like Mrs. Newsome Freshman JC Lupercio says that his tradition is a mix of culture and tradition, quote, “We eat tamales and lots of Thanksgiving foods.”

Some traditions remain unchanged, like sophomore Wyatt Allen stated, “ We eat food and have people over and just have fun.” which is the normal, thanksgiving  

So besides the classic turkey and stuffing, there are many different types of traditions, many that in some families have been passed down through generations. Thanksgiving is all about being grateful and enjoying time with family and friends. Keep your old traditions that date way back lively and going or start new ones with your friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!