Christmas Around the World


Angela Bridgman, Staff Writer

Christmas is a joyful time to spend with family. Traditions like putting up the Christmas tree, decorating the house, holiday pajamas, Christmas caroling, and many more bring out the holiday cheer. There are also other ways to celebrate, especially in other places around the world. Christmas may sound like everything we dreamed of here but in other countries it may be a little more joyful. 

In other countries like the Philippines, they have a tradition called the Giant Lantern Festival. This is an annual festival held in mid December. Because of its popularity, San Fernando has been named the “Christmas Capital Of The Philippines”. The festival celebrates the start of the Christmas season in the Philippines. 

Iceland also has their own way of celebrating the holidays. In the 13 days that lead up to Christmas, they have an event where 13 troll characters come out to play. Those characters visit children across the country over the 13 nights that lead up to Christmas. The children will leave their best shoes by the window and a different Yule Lad will visit and leave nice gifts for each child, but for the naughty ones they will leave rotting potatoes. If there is a possibility to visit Iceland for Christmas make sure to catch all of the Yule Lads!

Christmas is a very big deal in Japan. Besides the small traditions like gift giving, decorating, and the delightful Christmas feast, Japan has created their own way of a Christmas feast. The Christmas feast of their own is Colonel’s very own Kentucky Fried Chicken! KFC in Japan even has their own holiday menu. 

Christmas in France is slightly different from how it is celebrated in the United States. They partake in traditions like sending postcards to their loved ones. The people of France also reenact the Nativity Scene. French children will also follow the tradition of putting their shoes by the fireplace in hope that when they awake their shoes will be filled with presents!

Christmas is celebrated differently around the world. Each place has its own unique traditions. Countries even made their own traditions for the delicious and annual Christmas dinner. Even though there are still differences on how each country celebrates, everyone still keeps up the Christmas cheer!