Retail Workers Facing the Holidays

Reece Houser, Staff Writer

 Any Retail Worker, throughout history, could tell you that the job consists of many arduous tasks. One of the most intimidating tasks of all is dealing with customers, especially around the holiday season. Speaking of the Holiday season, why do retail workers keep having to schedule shifts even on these special days reserved for close family and friends? Why must these employees make the choices between their family or money?

My sister works a retail Job at Yankee candle.

Reece: What is the toughest part about working on the holidays?

Reece’s sister: The toughest part for me is when I miss out on family time during the hours I work. Also missing out on potential memories.

Reece: Is it fair that workers have so much pressure to work on these reserved days? 

Reece’s sister: I don’t think it’s fair. Working in retail has shown me that the holidays bring out some ugly people who treat the workers they interact with poorly. 

Reece: Do you think that the money was worth it?

Reece’s sister: I’m a little stumped on this one. The money is nice, especially to save up for schooling costs since I’m in college but if I wasn’t required to work I wouldn’t.

This means that not only do these staff members labor away for hours on these specifically vulnerable days, but they also must endure the constant cruelty that comes with customer service. Some may say that this circumstance is self-inflicted. By technicality this may be true, but what choice do people have when they must decide between a paycheck that will provide for their family, or not working and instead, experiencing the possible memories that can be made with their family. At the end of the day, there is no justifiable decision. If they do not work on these days their family will remember starving on dates they were supposed to be feasting. In retail, there are so many pressures to work on these days. For example, the issues that come with being understaffed. If no one chooses to work then what will happen to the store? This leaves at least a couple of homes filled with despair over a missing family member, during a time where there should be great amounts of cheer.