Hughson High Voices Their Opinions On Anime


Marissa McGrane, Staff Writer

Over the past few years anime has become a common interest in teenagers everywhere. It can be clearly noticed that this small hobby of watching anime has strongly affected a recognizable portion of teenagers in all communities, from the way they dress to what they wish to learn. Many students at HHS have begun wearing anime T-shirts, anime backpacks, notebooks with anime stickers on them. Anime has become quite the topic.

To experiment further with this subject I decided to interview a small number of people on their views of anime, what anime they like, anime they think are overrated, how it has affected the way they act and more. 

In the anime community there are many opposing opinions. As an example many people argue about whether watching anime with subtitles is better than anime that’s dubbed. Out of the few people that I interviewed, the majority had said that they preferred dubbed anime over subbed.

There are thousands of anime to find and watch, but how can you tell which ones are worth watching? While many people run to online reviews for their help, one of the most important is real life people recommending them. This way you can ask as many questions about what the person thought and how they were captured while watching the anime. Some recommendations I got while interviewing were Attack on Titan, Boku No Hero Academia, and Hunter X Hunter.

Overrated and underrated anime come in bundles when it comes to opinion. Many people may think that one anime is overrated while many people may not. Then there are newer anime watchers who just have no clue what they’re doing. This is where opinions can come into play. It’s good to know what people think so you can get the full feeling of the anime itself.

TV can impact many people in many different ways. You can tell a personality based on how a certain show may impact a person. As an example, a very popular series called Vampire Diaries captured the hearts of many young teenagers, and as a result teenagers began to wear merchandise or dress similar to the characters. So the real question is; how much can anime impact a person?  It’s already known how popular anime merchandise has become in the past few years, but can it also impact other qualities of a person, especially youth? 

Many teenagers could have found an interest in the anime art style after watching a single anime. “Anime made me more interested in drawing, and it made me want to try harder.” says Alicia Soto, a freshman in high school who is an anime watcher.