Husky In the Hot Seat: Isabel Fontana


Hailey Dimter, Staff Writer

Hailey-What is your name?

Isabel- Isabel Fontana

Hailey– What are your hobbies?

Isabel- Sports, Baking & Cooking, Making Floral Arrangements, Hanging Out with Friends

Hailey-What are you involved in around and within the school?

Isabel- I play basketball and run track, I am the ASB Vice President, CSF President, and am a member of FFA, FCA and NAMI Club. 

Hailey-What is a quote you try to live by?

Isabel- “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

Hailey- Who are some people who have positively and tremendously impacted your life?
Isabel- My parents and coaches, Jayce Jepson, Tim May, and David Odom.

Hailey-What do you hope to accomplish your senior year? 

Isabel-I hope to maintain my grades and make the most of my last year at Hughson with all of my friends.

Hailey-What is one thing you will never forget about your senior year?

Isabel- I will never forget my last football game with all of my friends.

Hailey-What are your plans after graduation?

Isabel- I plan to attend the University of Alabama with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology.

Hailey- What is your future dream job?

Isabel- To work for the FBI in Behavioral Analysis or Counter Terrorism.

Hailey- Is there a fun fact or anything interesting you want people to know about you?

Isabel- I had double jaw surgery in November 2020.