Word from the Wise: Señora Newsome


Elizabeth Mendoza, Staff Writer

Elizabeth Mendoza:What’s your name?

Mrs. Newsome: My name is Señora Newsome, also known as Mrs. Newsome!

Elizabeth Mendoza:What do you teach?

Mrs. Newsome: I teach Spanish 1, Spanish 3, and I am the HYLC Advisor.

Elizabeth Mendoza:How long have you been teaching there?

Mrs. Newsome: This is my 11th year teaching Spanish at HHS but I have worked for Hughson Unified School District since 1990!

Elizabeth Mendoza:What advice do you have for a freshman for the next 4 years of their highschool career?

Mrs. Newsome: I would advise freshmen to have fun while getting their work done! Follow the A-G course offerings to be ready for a 4-year university. Get involved in sports and clubs, you don’t have to be great at something to enjoy being a part of it (I played basketball my sophomore year here at HHS)!  Remember D’s DON’T COUNT for university.  Again, have fun, make friendships, and dream big as you plan for the future!