Paw Staff Movie Review: Encanto


Reece Houser, Staff Writer

Encanto became the newest edition of the Disney movie franchise on November 24th, 2021. This film was only available in theaters, perfectly timed for the whole family to go to the cinema and remember why they are all thankful for each other. However, some may say the release was more so selected for the timing of the living room T.V. The full movie was available to watch on Disney+, December 24th, 2021 (after the 30 days run for the box office). After the release, family’s were able to sit down in their living rooms over the break and get into the holiday spirit. There were no mentions of Santa or Snowmen. The movie instead made individuals think about their own lives and how vital it is to give forgiveness, and love to yourself as well as others. This is proudly recognized in the scenes where Mirabel,(our main protagonist) who is voiced by Stephanie Beatriz, forgives and shows kindness towards her sister Isabela. Isabela is voiced by Diane Guerro.  Later on  she also forgives her Abuela Alma, who is voiced by María Cecilia Botero . 

        Early in the movie, we find out that “Encanto”  is a magical refuge that was started by Alma Madrigal. The Madrigal bloodline also produces special people who have gifts that are used to help and strengthen the community. The watcher is introduced to the entire family in the first five minutes. The most important characters in the group are Mirabel, a young Madrigal who was not granted a gift; Bruno, who was seen as a bad luck charm for his non-optimistic visions. He was also thought to be dead or long gone from the Encanto. Isabela has the gift of nature, mostly creating flowers. Mirabel is jealous of this and sees Isabela as perfect. Abuela Alma is seen as the elder and leader of Encanto, she is described as demanding and hard to impress. Several other characters aid in this film’s plot development, but by the end of the movie, we found that Mirabel does have a gift. 

        Well, Mirabel’s gift can be thought of more so as a destiny. We watch the movie and see how the family’s home is starting to crumble, their magic is even starting to fade. Mirabel takes it upon herself to try and figure out the reasoning behind this and hopefully save her family and their home. She finds out that the only way to make this happen is through genuine love, unity, and forgiveness. 

        In a quick conclusion, Encanto can be summarized as heartwarming, magical, fun, etc. In better words, the film is a masterpiece for Disney’s ever-evolving animations; it encapsulates the beauty and need for love among families. Mirabel’s character is so diverse and complex people can still deeply relate to her story, however fictional it may be. The experiences can be easily transcribed into real-life learning curves and hardships. Overall, we can peel this film back layer after layer and explore all different aspects of interpretation, but even in the movie’s simplest form, an enjoyable experience is offered.