Husky in the Hot Seat:Mrs. Giesbrecht


Zuri Glavan, Staff writer

Zuri: What’s your name? 

Mrs. Giesbrecht: Rachael (Coleman) Giesbrecht

Zuri: What do you teach? 

Mrs.Giesbrecht: High school English

Zuri: What grades do you teach? 

Mrs. Giesbrecht:9-12

Zuri: How long have you been teaching for? 

Mrs. Giesbrecht:I have been teaching for 25 years in Hughson.

Zuri: What advice do you give your students?

Mrs. Giesbrecht: I give my students lots of advice, but one main point I make with students is to find out what you love to do and then find a career that will allow you to love every day. That means that a lot of students will not find what they love in college.

Zuri: What would change about our school?

Mrs. Giesbrecht: If I could change anything about our school, it would be that I would like to see our campus get a beautiful science and math wing for a STEM courses, updated facilities.