Teacher of the Month: Ms. Maki

Alissa Young, Staff Writer

As you may know, Teacher of the month is decided by a former teacher of the month. Last month’s Teacher of the month, Mr. Thompson, chose Ms. Maki to be the next “Teacher of the month.” Ms. Maki has worked at Hughson High School for 11 years. Band class starts a short time before the school year starts, and continues even after the school year ends, which requires a lot of dedication, time, and effort  “It would be difficult to describe the amount of work that a band teacher does, particularly when she is working at both Ross Middle School and Hughson,”  according to Mr. Thompson . She is said by her students, and fellow staff working here at Hughson High School, that she provides a safe classroom and environment for her students. Her students describe her as “joyful” and “fun loving”. She is so dedicated to her job and her students that she takes the time to make new music in band class that hasn’t been heard before. 

It is very obvious that her students absolutely love her, and we all see the bright smiles on everyone’s faces from her daily. She inspires others to be the best version of themselves, which is seen by all the plaques of excellence and superior ratings and other awards on the theater walls. She inspires her students to play at football games, to go to Disneyland, participate in fundraisers as well as festivals and other events. She also has previously helped them participate in region and all-state bands. 

She helps sponsor the Modesto Symphony Youth Orchestra at our school, along with the “Yes!” company to help raise money for students struggling to purchase instruments. Ms. Maki is currently pursuing her master’s degree and is valued in the VAPA Department. Mr. Thompson added, “ We are blessed to have such a teacher and individual to work with at Hughson High”