JV Huskies Fight Against JV Wolves


Jonathan Anderson, Staff Writer

It’s the league opener for Hughson High JV Boys Basketball. The stands are packed, cheerleaders cheering, and most importantly the Huskies ready to fight off the Livingston Wolves. But the Wolves won’t go down without a fight. 

It’s the fourth quarter and the Wolves are leading the Huskies. With just mere minutes left on the clock the Huskies start to bear their fangs and fight back. 

That is true. When I walked into the gym I saw the boys working their tail ends off fighting with every breath they had in them. The bench was loud and proud, supporting their players the whole way. 

The beginning of the game went very well for the Huskies. 

“We got them in foul trouble early so we got two double bonus early.” Carter Berger. J

Overall the Huskies came out on top beating the Livingston wolves 49-52