Hughsons New Year, New Start!


Tyler Osgood and Noah Venegas

2021 has officially ended, so everyone has a fresh start and a new year to look forward to. With recent events, some might say it can’t get any worse. With a new year underway, people will forget all their worries from last year, and start anew. 

Cade McLaughlin, a sophomore at Hughson High, states, “I hope this year is different from last year and not a waste. I just really hope that it’s different because it’s important to me”. McLaughlin describes last year as “a unique and interesting year”. As everyone has a tradition for a holiday, for Cade and his family during new years, “My family and I stay up to watch the ball drop, we have a party, we eat snacks, like a lot of finger food and some of those small cracker sandwich bars, and we’ll watch college football”.  

Andrea Mendoza, a freshman at Hughson High shares her honest opinion by stating, “New years isn’t really important to me. It was just kinda boring for me”. Mendoza later continues, “Our family still has traditions and resolutions, like we stay up to watch the ball, have a party with tacos, but the party was kinda boring because nobody stayed”. Andrea’s new year’s resolution is to be a better person and to pass this school year. To Mendoza, “Last year was difficult, like so difficult”

New years, a time to restart, is a stepping stone towards completing your new year’s resolutions, and becoming a better person.