Covid’s Impact on Teachers Methods


Julian Langan, Staff Writer

The last two and a half years have been a challenge for students and teachers. We are in a new phase that seemed to begin when we returned from winter break, as well as students coming back getting quarantined due to covid. Teachers are having to think of new ways to teach and persevere through such a challenging time..

According to Mr. Govett, an English teacher at HHS who has taught here for 21 years, “Absolutely.  There is an extra level of trying to get and keep kids caught up, and to make sure we have compassion about missing and late work when the situation is beyond students’ control.” 

According to Paul Michaelis, a teacher of 21 years (8 with HHS), Math and Academic Decathlon, “Anytime that students are not in class has a negative impact on what they can learn.  When a lot of students are absent, it changes how quickly and how much a teacher can present to the class. If you are quarantined, go to the zoom meeting, take notes, and pay attention.  Keep up with any homework you can.  When you return to school, be prepared for the assignments, quizzes, and tests you missed while in quarantine.  But, the best advice is to have good hygiene and common sense to try to stay healthy”

According to Mrs. Newsome who has taught at HHS for 11 years as a Spanish teacher. ”I believe that when students are in quarantine it cannot help but affect teachers because many times students will not come to class on Zoom and they fall behind on assignments.  There are many students who do very well and keep up on Zoom but it is harder to learn online”. She went on to say, “The best advice that I can give is “cover-up, buttercup!”  I know that it is hard, annoying, etc. but please wear your mask properly in class so that if you are exposed you will test negative (hopefully) and you can get back to class!  If you are quarantined PLEASE get to Zoom Class!  Many times my students are out on quarantine and they don’t come to Zoom class so they are missing lectures and assignments!  We will get through this together.  Stay strong HHS, we are RESILIENT!”